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Highway guardrail

The guardrail beams we supply are 10 gauge and 12 gauge materials,which process is going through flattening, punching, galvanizing or plastic coating, fabricating and shearing process.
We supply and manufacture beam guardrails in accordance with China National Standard JT/T281-1995(Corrugated Sheet Steel Beams For Expressway Guardrail - China), AASHTO M-180(Corrugated Sheet Steel Beams For Highway Guardrail - USA), RAL-RG620 (German) or any other International Standards. The base steel we use meets Steel Grade Q235B (equivalent to S235JR according to DIN EN 10025 and Gr. D according to ASTM A283M) or Q345 (S355JR / ASTM A529M 1994).


Zinc Coating
550g/m²(40u)   1100g/ m² (80u) 1200g/ m² (85u)  
Surface Treatment
Hot dipped galvanized or plastic sprayed coating
3520*310* 85*2.5(2.67/2.7/3.0) mm
4130*310*85*2.5(2.67/2.7/3.0 ) mm
4300*306*80*2.5(2.67/2.7/3.0) mm
4300*310*75*2.5(2.67/2.7/3.0) mm
4320*310*85*2.5(2.67/2.7/3.0) mm
4320*506*85*2.55(2.67/2.75/3/4) mm
3300*506*80*2.55(2.67/2.75/3/4) mm
4130*506*83*2.55(2.67/2.75/3/4) mm

(1). U Post  
Normal size:  1400/1750/1820*150*75*4/4.5/5mm, 1800/1830*176/178*76*4.5/5/6mm, 
1830*140*75*5/6mm, 1680/2200*120*80*5/6mm, 2000/1820*150*100*5mm and available 
in different sizes.
 (2). C Post and H Post
 C Post Normal size: 1800*150*75*25*5mm, 1500*100*50*25*5mm, 1500*120*55*16*4/5mm, 
1700*150*110*18*4/4.5/5mm,1750*120*55*16*4/5mm, 1900*100*55*25*4/5mm and available 
In different sizes.
 (3)H Post Normal size: 1830*157*82*5mm, 1830*157*82*5*7.4mm, 1800*150*100*5mm 
and available in different sizes
(4)Sigma post
100*55*16*4 mm
(5)Round post
Diameter: 140*4.5*L/ 114*4.5*Lmm

Post Cap Size:114/140mm
Bolts and nuts type
Hexagon nut with round washer, splice bolt with recess nut
Bolts and nuts specifications
M 16*32/ M 16*35/ M 16*40/ M 16*45/ M 16*50, etc.


(1)Hexagonal Hollow Offset Block:196*178*200*4.5mm or as requested.
(2)Thrie-Beam Offset Block:200*142*391*4.5mm,196*178*400*4.5mm or as requested
(3)U-section Offset Block:U150*75*5*length,U178*76*6*length as requested
(4)C-section Offset Block:C150*75*25*4.5*length
(5)Bracket Size:70*300*4.5/4mm
Washer Size:76*44*3.0/4.0mm
Applicabele Standards
AASHTO M180(Corrugated Sheet Steel
Beams For Highway Guardrail - USA), RAL RG620
(German) or any other International Standards.
Guardrail End Main type: bull nose & fish tail
Guard rail Reflector Normal Size: 50*70*120mm   Shape:  trapezoid 
• Strong posts with weakening holes at the ground line.
• No offset blocks required.
• Countersunk-Head Bolts and Flange Protectors.
• Mid-span splices between adjacent posts.
• NCHRP Report 350 TL3 compliant.
• Meets the proposed “350 update” criteria.
• Reduced site grading by eliminating spacer block.
• Single-face or Double-Face (median) application.