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Plastic Flat Netting

Plastic flat mesh (aka plastic breeding net) is heated molten plastic material in the extruder, the screw extruder has entered a number of small holes inside and outside special rotating die head, molten plastic flows through the die pore the formation of two shares melt wire, because the head rotation, two stocks converge at one point interrupted silk material, thereby forming a network, and then cooling stereotypes into the net.
Innovat plastic flat netting Factory produces plastic flat netting in different colors.
The plastic flat netting is processed and made of PE and PP. It has the performances of wear-resisting. corrosion-resisting, fine toughness, it can instead of metal wire.

Colors available with Plastic Flat Netting: Black, white, green, blue, yellow, gray,red etc.
Specification of Plastic Flat Netting: Standard refers to table below. Custom order is also welcome.

Details material available information:
Polyethylene ( PE )
Polypropylene ( PP )
High-Density Polyethylene Plastics ( HDPE )
Low-Density Polyethylene Plastics ( LDPE )

 YPFN-001                                      YPFN-002
YPFN-003                                        YPFN-004
YPFN-005                                       YPFN-006
YPFN-007                                         YPFN-008
YPFN-009                                         YPFN-010

Use: according to application, plastic flat net also can be called rock shield mesh, grass protection mesh, ground reinforcement grids, deer fencing net, separator mesh, ground stabilization mesh, industrial netting, fine screening insect mesh, oyster mesh, hdpe fishing net, agriculture bird netting, breeding plastic net, roadbed net etc.
Widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, aquaculture, etc. Also used in making of auto back mattress, spring mattress, netting for air conditioner, road base netting, etc.